18th JUNE 2022
Marston Lodge, Market Harborough

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Race entries for the 2022 edition of Mountain Mayhem are open now. 
Mountain Mayhem returns after a two year break, only this year things are a little different. 
For one year only Mountain Mayhem is on as MAYHEM.25
a 6hr XC endurance race for solo riders and pairs.

Pat Adams and PVS Events Ltd have recently taken over the organisation of the legendary Mountain Mayhem mtb event.  Unfortunately, there's simply not enough time available to organise the traditional 24hr race this Summer.  But another year with no Mountain Mayhem at all just didn't seem right to us!  So for one year only we will be hosting MAYHEM.25, a 6hr XC endurance race that encapsulates all the facets of Mountain Mayhem, just in bite sized chunks.  Expect some great racing, campsite camaraderie, a few drinks, and catching up with old friends and new.

The race will start at midday on Saturday 18th June 2022, for a healthy 6hr dose of racing.  On completion, every finisher can look forward to a well-earned finishers’ beer and something to eat at our post-race shindig.  Once the dust settles from the racing (fingers crossed it’ll be dusty!) and the trophies are awarded to our winners, there will be a charity raffle, music and entertainment laid on, good food and some fine ale being served, so we can all get together to reminisce about the old days and look forward to next year’s full Mountain Mayhem 24hr event.  

This is set to be a cracking event in itself and a perfect introduction to those that have never been to a Mountain Mayhem before.

So why's it MAYHEM.25?...  Well, at 6hrs it's 25%, or 0.25 of a full Mayhem.  It's also the precursor of next year's full Mountain Mayhem 24hr, which will be the 25th anniversary of the race that changed the face of mountain biking in the UK.

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Excellent organisation,

brilliant friendly atmosphere.

The course had something for everyone, even the sadists!

Absolutely loved it.  Well organised, smooth all weekend.

Showers, on site catering were great.

- Tom Colley, 2019

- Nigel Kenyon, 2019

Facilities for kids are superb, both races for kids were fab really gets them involved, pyjama race and morning race.

Nice to know they're safe wherever the are!!

- Kate Jarman, 2019

Top event!  Great atmosphere, facilities were excellent, course was amazingly lumpy for a flat bit of England.

Currently feeling completely trashed!  Definitely in the calendar next year.

- Greg Barton, 2019

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