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2017 Entries…

You can book your place for the 20th Anniversary Mountain Mayhem 2017 online NOW!!!!

Dates for the diary are 16th, 17th and 18th June 2017.

We have so many exciting plans for our Big Birthday Bash. Book now and secure your place in Mayhem history:

2017 PRICES:

Solo – £82
Pair – £159
Team of 4 – £308
Team of 5 – £315
Team of 10 – £460

Click here to enter. Online entries only.

For 2017 we’re updating the categories too… Here’s how it works:

At Mountain Mayhem all categories are open to riders of all abilities (you don’t have to be a regular racer but you should be a competent mountain biker). Entries are available for the following categories:

Men’s team of 4
Women’s team of 4
Mixed team of 5 – at least one man and one woman, the rest is up to you
Pairs men
Pairs women
Pairs mixed
Solo men
Solo women
Teams of 10 – this is our relaxed ‘fun’ category. The teams of ten can be made up of all men, all women, or a mix of any ratio you like.

Once racing begins there can be no change to the team’s line up. The order in which you race can change as you please but team members cannot be substituted.

Your team (or just you in the case of solo riders!) can also enter one of our sub-categories if applicable:

Veterans – solo riders aged 40. Teams: combined age of 160 for teams of 4 riders or 200 for teams of 5 riders.
Services – all riders must currently serving for the army, navy, Air Force, police, fire or ambulance services.
Singlespeed – all riders on the team must complete all their laps on a singlespeed bicycle.
Fat Bike – all riders on the team must complete all their laps on a Fat Bike with tyres at least 3.5″ in width.


Cancellations can be made before 1st May 2017 subject to an admin fee of £25. After this date there are no cancellations under any circumstance.

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